Thank you for visiting Suzanne Meyers Editing.

Editing is a perfect career for someone like me, who is passionate about language and wants to make the world a better-written place, one thoughtfully worded sentence at a time.

Before making the leap into freelance editing in 2004, I worked for many years on a prestigious medical journal. As supervisor for the copyediting and production of the twice-monthly journal, I shepherded hundreds of articles from acceptance through print and web publication—without ever missing a deadline. All the while, authors could count on me for a sense that we were partners in the dissemination of sound, clinically relevant medical information.

It’s this experience—and mindset—that I bring to my freelance editing clients. I know how important it is to balance the many spinning plates involved in publishing: improving the readability of the text, maintaining the author’s voice, upholding the publication’s standards, and respecting fiscal realities and deadlines. My clients know that I won’t let those plates come crashing down.