Suzanne is one of the most conscientious editors that I have worked with over the years. She possesses a fine eye for both the small details and the big picture, as well as the ability to greatly improve text with either a light touch or a heavier hand per the client’s wishes. She is also respectful of deadlines and has proved herself reliable time and again.

Susanna Leuci
Copy Chief

I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne for 10 years, and she epitomizes the word “professional.” Her service, turnaround time and attention to detail are a great asset to our communications here at GSK and I recommend her, without hesitation, for your business.

Paul Viggiano
Communications Manager


Suzanne is a wonderful addition to the editorial team here at Clinician’s Brief, a veterinary medicine journal with a circulation of 60,000. She is a precise and thorough editor and tackles even the toughest editing jobs with ease. In addition, Suzanne’s work is punctual and she is an excellent liaison between our journal and authors—specialists in the field of veterinary medicine. Most important, Suzanne is always a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Soldavin
Editorial Director
Clinician’s Brief


As a freelance copyeditor, Suzanne has never missed a deadline, and she treats each assignment with the same care you would expect from an in-house employee. Suzanne shows every feature of an excellent copyeditor: attention to detail; extensive knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and ear for the English language. She is a true professional and always a pleasure to work with.

Mary Boylan
Managing Editor
Annals of Internal Medicine